Enhance Tree Health and Manage Canopy Size with Our Tree Pollarding Solutions

When it comes to tree pollarding in Horsham, rely on the expertise of our professional tree surgeons. At Tree Marshalls, we provide top-quality tree pollarding services to promote healthy tree growth and effectively manage the size of the canopy. With our extensive knowledge and commitment to delivering exceptional results, we are the trusted choice for tree pollarding services in Horsham.

Tree Pollarding Services

Whether you need crown reduction or complete canopy management, our skilled and certified tree surgeons in Horsham have the skills to ensure the optimal health and appearance of your trees.

Benefits of Tree Pollarding

  • Healthy Growth Promotion: Tree pollarding encourages vigorous regrowth and promotes healthier tree growth. By carefully removing the upper branches, we stimulate the development of dense foliage, improving the overall vitality of the tree.
  • Canopy Size Management: Tree pollarding is an effective method for managing the size of the tree’s canopy. Our experts will assess the specific requirements of your trees and tailor the pollarding process accordingly to achieve the desired balance and aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Safety: By reducing the weight and density of the canopy, tree pollarding minimises the risk of branch failure during storms or high winds. Our skilled arborists will assess the tree’s structural integrity and address any potential safety concerns during the pollarding process.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: Regular tree pollarding helps maintain the health and structure of your trees, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for drastic pruning or removal in the future.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Our tree surgeons have an eye for detail and will ensure that the pollarding process results in a well-balanced and visually appealing canopy, enhancing the overall beauty of your landscape.

Take a look at some of our past tree surgery tasks and accomplishments in our project gallery.

We’re proud to have serviced a number of happy clients as a tree surgeon. Take a look at what our customers think.

charlie w
29 November 2023
The team did an excellent job at taking down a large ash tree surounded by power and telephone cable. The work was completed quickly on time and on budget.
Terry Fitzgibbon
23 November 2023
Excellent service as usual…….thank you.
Andrew A
17 November 2023
Dillon & his team spent a day cutting back the trees and hedging around our paddock. Did a terrific job. Can highly recommend.
Niki Tomlinson
17 November 2023
Sycamore felled, on time, kept to quote, excellent job. Mindful of safety and garden layout. Recommended.
John Thomason
17 November 2023
Did everything to a standard. I will certainly use again
Darrin Goff
16 November 2023
Applegate Homes have used Dillon ( tree Marshalls ) since he first set-up on his own and over the years he has completed many jobs from £200 – £25,000 +. and I can honestly say we have never had anything but a superb service. I would be glad to speak to anyone who requires a verbal reference.

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