When a tree has been cut down, a small portion of the trunk or stem remains in the ground. This is what is referred to as being the ‘stem’ and is where the roots all collect together. The stump of a tree is a solid mass and although it can remain in the ground without causing any harm, there are times when stump removal is required.
Stump Removal Services by Tree Marshalls

Why might you need to use a stump removal service?

Stump removal may need to be carried out for many reasons. It may be that the stump is causing an obstruction, whether there is a new building, outhouse or other structure which is to be constructed in the same place. Or, it may simply be that the stump is unsightly and is causing disruption to your lawn. Either way, having it removed requires the right tools for the job and this is where we can help.

Removing a tree stump

The most efficient way of removing a tree stump is by using a tool called a stump grinder. This is a large cutter which contains a variety of different blades, which is then placed onto the stump and will ground it out bit by bit. This breaks down the stump and severs the connections to any of the roots, which will then rot away in their own time beneath the surface. Stumps of any size can be catered for with the right tools, but it’s essential that this task is only performed by somebody with the skills and experience as the tools required are hazardous when misused.

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