Here at Tree Marshalls, we pride ourselves on being efficient and ensuring that every job is carried out safely. For over a year now, we have been working with a new piece of machinery – the cherry picker. We like to think this is the future of tree work and we hope you will to. Having this highly versatile machine helps us and customers achieve the task at hand with ease. Our machine can fit through a standard 800mm side gate, the working height of 20m and the outreach of 9m. Therefore, making the job of tree work much safer and smooth for all involved. We strive to make every customers Tree Marshalls Ltd journey as efficient and safe as possible at all times.

The Cherry Picker is available for hire with or without an operator.

Tree work

As you can see from the images, we have carried out a large hedge cutting job. Our customer has found us to be faster and therefore this has reduced their outgoings compared to when they previously had work done. We can reach 18m of hedge once we have set up the cherry picker. What work could be a day for someone with a ladder or scaffold tower, we could complete in within a few hours.

Our cherry picker also is a massive help with the removal of dead or dangerous trees. Most arboriculture companies not having their own cherry pickers can cause you the customer to have to pay the price of the rental alongside the cost of the tree being removed.

other trades


We have also managed to help many other trades with our cherry picker such as, roofers, window cleaners, electricians etc. Not only can it help reach the height that is required, but you can also operate electric power tools and even air power machinery. This gives you the opportunity to use a jet wash from within the basket at maximum reach.

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