Our dedicated team of qualified and experienced tree surgeons have been providing their services across the South East for many years now, from our base in Ifield, Crawley.

No job is too big or small, from felling a single tree through to clearing large landscapes and maintaining hedges; our experienced, dedicated team are on hand to help.

Our full range of services can be seen below. Click on the images to find out more.

Tree Bracing

Cable bracing and rod bracing is a common procedure which can be carried out to support weaker limbs on a tree, where removing the damaged branches would cause too much of a negative impact on the aesthetic value of the tree.

Tree Removal

The removal of any unsafe trees is one of the most essential parts of any responsible tree management. At any point throughout the lifecycle of a tree, this problem could occur and it’s important that the issue should be addressed before it becomes a greater hazard.

Consultation Services

Our team are able to provide you with a consultation service, to discuss the requirements you have and to help you understand which of our services may be most useful to your needs. For anybody unsure, this is an excellent starting point.

Crown Reduction

This is a process which must be carefully decided upon as when carried out for the wrong reasons, reducing the canopy size can cause unnecessary stress to the tree in question causing further decay.


Pollarding is a useful woodland management method of encouraging lateral branches to grow, by cutting back parts of the tree in a particular way. When done properly, this can extend the lifetime of trees of a certain type.

Stump Removal

When you remove a tree, a small proportion of the trunk will remain in the ground. This is what is known as the stump and we provide a service to remove this, should it be causing an obstruction or is simply an eyesore.

Deadwood Removal

The process of removing deadwood from the branches of your tree is important, as it can help to prevent the risk of falling debris; particularly in busy, public areas where it’s likely that somebody could be injured should a larger deadwood branch fall.

Crown Lifting

This is the process of removing lower branches and can be carried out to increase the clearance between ground level and the lower branches, to allow access beneath the tree or to improve sightlines.

Crown Thinning

This can be carried out to allow more light through the tree, without altering its overall shape or size and therefore not compromising on the natural shape of the tree. Take a look here to find out more about how this process works.


Coppicing is a timely process which is carried out in order to stimulate further growth. This method involves cutting a tree or shrub back to ground level, to encourage the fresh growth of many smaller shoots in order to keep the plant growing in a healthy manner.

Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

A hedge is an excellent alternative to modern fences and provides a natural, healthy boundary around the gardens of many. Yet, a well-presented trimmed and tidy hedge provides a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than one which has grown wild.

Land Clearance

Our professional site clearance and grounds maintenance services are available for anybody who has planning permission to build on the land or requires existing woodland to be cleared for any other alternative reasons.

Tree Planting

Planting new trees is just as vital as caring for, or removing, those which are already in place and leads us to a more sustainable lifestyle. We can help you to plant your new trees in an appropriate position and manner, saving you the hassle.

Woodland Management

In order to keep your woodland area in a healthy and productive state, it must be well managed. Whether you require a small copse of trees to be cared for or are instead looking for commercial woodland to be tendered to, we can help.

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