The removal of any unsafe trees on your land, be it a commercial or residential area, is an absolutely crucial part of responsible tree management. At any point throughout its lifecycle, a tree may become unsafe and therefore prove to be extremely hazardous and you will be faced with no other option than to have it removed safely. There are several reasons why this may be the case.
Tree Removal Services

Reasons for Tree Removal

If the local landscape around the tree in question has changed, it may have caused a shift in the stability of the tree which has grown. Alternatively, it may be that there are other nearby hazards which require it to be removed, or it may have simply outgrown its existing location.

It may be that a tree needs to be removed because it has decayed, has a fungal or bacterial infection or has simply been planted in an unsuitable location. We don’t take removing trees lightly, but where necessary it’s a vital task.

Tree Removal Methods

In either circumstance, there are two main methods of tree removal which are usually implemented, tree felling and sectional dismantling.

Where lack of space prevents a tree from being allowed to fall, the tree must be climbed and dismantled. Smaller sections will be cut off at a time in order to prevent any damage from occurring to any surrounding structures, such as buildings. However, when possible, felling trees and allowing them to come down in one piece is the simplest and most time effective method of removal as opposed to dismantling the tree in smaller pieces.

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