Our tree bracing services can be carried out when support is required for any weaker limbs. There are two types of bracing available, cable bracing and rod bracing.

Before we can carry out tree bracing, a thorough risk assessment must be carried out. Bracing is not always a suitable solution and should a tree prove to be too high a hazard, we may have to seek alternative options.

tree bracing

Tree Bracing Techniques

If we deem tree bracing to be an appropriate option, then our experienced team will be able to kickstart the process. The technique of bracing a tree is usually put into place where removing weaker limbs is not possible, either for structural or aesthetic reasons. Prior to cable and rod being inserted, pruning work is usually carried out in order to remove some of the weight from the branches of the tree. These tree bracing cables are then put into place to hold up the weaker limbs and any necessary rods can be inserted into the weak fork unions for extra support, working together in conjunction with the cables.

Safety First When Bracing A Tree

Various materials are required in order for us to carry out bracing work, however, we always strive to use non-invasive methods wherever possible. It’s important to remember that tree bracing is a hazardous task and must only ever be carried out by qualified, insured professionals with the necessary skills to complete the job safely.

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