It may be necessary for you to have crown reduction carried out on any trees on your property. This process essentially involves over pruning the tree, cutting it back to beyond the natural boundary. There are several reasons why this may need to be performed, but it is not always a suitable option as it can cause unnecessary stress to the tree.
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Why might crown reduction be necessary?

Some of the reasons for crown reduction include reducing the weight of any potentially dangerous limbs or to help with balancing a misshapen tree – perhaps if it had been damaged recently by bad weather or had been pruned badly. It might also be that the tree is currently obstructing the view or damage buildings and property, or is perhaps interfering with any overhead telephone or power lines, that it needs to have the crown reduced.

The risks associated with crown reduction

The risk of crown reduction is that it may affect the overall health of the tree, as many do not respond well to being cut back in this way. It can initiate decay, which will spread through cut branches quickly. Certain types of tree also do not suit crown reduction. If at all possible, crown reduction should be avoided; however when necessary, having followed the correct procedure, it can be a suitable option.

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