Deadwood left on a tree will degrade over time and will become weaker, eventually falling from the tree and onto the ground below. In secluded areas, this may not be such a concern; but where trees are in public areas, such as over roads or footpaths, in gardens or in other communal areas, then falling debris can prove to be a real hazard.

In situations such as these, deadwood removal is a necessary task.

Deadwood Removal Services by Tree Surgeon in Sussex

What does deadwood removal involve?

This service involves climbing around the entire canopy of the tree itself, working to remove any dead branches before they reach the point of degrading and falling themselves. Although deadwood can remain safe on trees for long periods of time, it’s better to be safe than sorry by removing it before an incident occurs.

Does deadwood damage the tree?

Deadwood is a natural occurrence which will happen throughout the lifespan of a tree. Although it is usually removed due to the hazards that falling debris pose to the public, removing major deadwood is also beneficial to the tree itself.

Deadwood is no longer serving any purpose, contributing nothing to the life of the tree itself. In fact, deadwood can be dangerous to the tree as it provides fungus and other pests an entry point into the branches, which is why the tree will fight this itself by sealing off the branch collar – although there is no guarantee that this will occur in time.

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