Our team can provide a wide range of planting options, able to work with a variety of different trees of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to plant younger trees which have already reached a fair size, which will provide you with an immediate impact, or are instead looking to place much smaller, younger, trees onto your land we can help.
Tree Planting Services by Tree Surgeon in Sussex

A sustainable lifestyle

We take great strides to ensure that our work is environmentally friendly and encourage clients to replace any trees that are removed, as this can help to not only minimise our impact on the environment but they also offer many other benefits such as providing shade. However, it could be that you require a different type of tree altogether. If you had to have a larger tree removed from your garden, perhaps smaller trees and shrubs would be the answer without having completely removed any greenery from your garden.

How can we help?

If you are looking to have any trees planted, we can not only carry out the task but our team are also on hand to provide you with any advice you may need. We will be able to suggest which types of tree would be most suitable in a particular environment, how they will need to be cared for in order for them to grow strong and healthy and any other advice which may be relevant.

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