Hedges provide a natural, healthy boundary. Whether they are surrounding your domestic garden, larger communal area or are placed on commercial land, a well-presented hedge is a delightful addition to any area. However, those perfectly aesthetic hedges you see do not exist that way by themselves. A healthy hedge will grow and lose its shape and so regular trimming is necessary to keep it looking pleasing to the eye.
Tree Marshalls Hedge Trimming

How can hedge maintenance help?

By keeping on top of regularly trimming your hedge, you will keep that aesthetic shape you desire. Whether you require a flat top on a boundary hedge or are instead looking to have a smaller hedge cut back into its desired shape, our experienced team are on hand to help.

Can hedge cutting damage a hedge?

If a hedge requires cutting, then it must be carried out – however, if the task is performed incorrectly, it can cause long term damage to the hedge. It’s advised not to cut back any more than 50% of the hedge within a single season, as you can cause stunted growth by killing off any of the trees inside the hedge which are less healthy. It’s important to break the process down by cutting back the height and size over several seasons. Regular maintenance and keeping on top of things can also help, as you’re better off cutting it back a little bit at a time than to wait a long while and cut off larger sections in one go.

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