Our crown lifting services will provide the removal of any lower branches, to increase the distance between the ground level and those first branches of a tree. This is a service which must only be carried out by a trained professional, as incorrectly pruning a tree in this way can cause a lot of damage and potentially reduce the lifespan of the tree itself.
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Why carry out crown lifting?

Crown lifting can serve many purposes and provides many benefits, including clearing sightlines, improving views, allowing more light in and keeping branches away from traffic, buildings or other structures.

Can crown lifting cause damage to my tree?

Although crown lifting is a safer and less damaging method of pruning when compared to reducing the overall canopy size, it is still risky and must be well planned. It is best to be done as a gradual process, rather than all at once. If too many branches are removed at once, issues such as decay and discoloured wood could occur.

If your lower branches are very wide, it may be more beneficial to thin them initially rather than simply removing them – again, to avoid any decay. It’s vital to approach a qualified tree surgeon to help you to understand which decisions to make when it comes to any tree pruning, to avoid causing large amounts of decay or any structural problems.

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