Promote Sustainable Woodland Management and Enhance Forest Health with Our Coppicing Solutions

Our team of skilled tree surgeons in Crawley specialises in delivering top-quality coppicing services, focusing on sustainable woodland management and the promotion of healthier forests. With our in-depth knowledge and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, we are the trusted choice for expert coppicing services in Crawley.

Coppicing Services

We offer comprehensive coppicing services tailored to meet the unique needs of your woodland area. Our skilled and certified tree surgeons have the expertise, experience, and specialised equipment required to perform coppicing projects of any size or complexity. Whether you need selective tree cutting or complete woodland regeneration, we have the skills to ensure the long-term health and vitality of your forest.

Why Choose our Coppicing Services

  • Sustainable Forest Management: Coppicing is a sustainable woodland management technique that involves cutting trees at ground level to stimulate regrowth. This method helps maintain a diverse and balanced forest ecosystem while providing a renewable source of wood for various purposes.
  • Forest Health Enhancement: Coppicing promotes the growth of new shoots and young trees, rejuvenating the forest and enhancing its overall health. By removing older and decaying vegetation, we create space and resources for the growth of younger, healthier trees.
  • Habitat Creation: Coppicing creates a variety of habitats within the woodland, supporting a diverse range of plant and animal species. It encourages the growth of understory vegetation, provides nesting sites, and enhances biodiversity.
  • Woodland Aesthetics: Our expert tree surgeons will carefully assess your woodland area and implement coppicing techniques that result in an aesthetically pleasing and well-managed forest. This enhances the visual appeal and recreational value of your woodland space.
  • Environmental Sustainability: By opting for coppicing, you contribute to the sustainable management of forests, reduce your carbon footprint, and support the preservation of natural resources.

Take a look at our project gallery to see examples of our past tree surgery tasks and successful coppicing projects.

Take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say about our services.

Andy Parkin
3 June 2024
Dillon from Tree Marshalls responded promptly when we had a very large branch of an old oak tree fall onto our garden office building. He and his team arrived quickly and safely removed the branch without causing further damage to our property. They even secured the roof with tarpaulin to prevent any leaks until we get it fixed. Couldn't be happier with the service and look forward to working with them again.
Ken Stocks
6 April 2024
Did a great job just like he has in the past.
Timothy Roth
20 March 2024
Very professional in their work, job completed without any fuss, 100% satisfied, wouldn't hesitate to use Tree Marshalls again 👍
Anne Bryan
20 January 2024
Tree Marshalls did an excellent, very professional job felling a large tree on a neighbouring boundary. The team were helpful, friendly, courteous and worked efficiently- highly recommended.
Donna Newman
12 January 2024
Very professional, arrived on time, tidied up, completed what was discussed and started the next project. We have used Tree Marshalls a couple of times and have always been very happy with the work completed.
wentworth estates
30 December 2023
We obtained four quotes for the removal of a large dead scots pine, we selected Tree Marshalls as the most suitable firm. Dillon and his team were very professional and competent in the removal of a difficult tree and managed to keep the road open. We have used them numerous times since and have been pleased. They understand the expected etiquette of working on a private Estate.
Lee Simon
7 December 2023
Having worked with Tree Marshalls for several years now on a whole range of landscaping projects, I cannot praise them highly enough. Knowledgeable, hard working, reliable and a very friendly team. Applegate Homes will continue to use them for all of our work.
charlie w
29 November 2023
The team did an excellent job at taking down a large ash tree surounded by power and telephone cable. The work was completed quickly on time and on budget.
Terry Fitzgibbon
23 November 2023
Excellent service as usual…….thank you.
Andrew Allan
17 November 2023
Dillon & his team spent a day cutting back the trees and hedging around our paddock. Did a terrific job. Can highly recommend.

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