We provide coppicing services, which are a traditional method of woodland management which remain useful to this day. Perfect for anybody with land which has a small section of woodland, this process involves harvesting particular species of tree by cutting young stems to near ground level periodically.

What is the purpose of coppicing?

The purpose of coppicing is to stimulate growth. By cutting a tree back to the base, then allowing them to regrow, you will receive a sustainable supply of timber. This practice offers a number of benefits over replanting trees, as those which have been felled already have deeply developed root systems which makes them quicker to grow. This process has been going on for many years and has proven itself to be a reliable system.

Tree Marshalls coppicing services

Does coppicing provide any other benefits?

As well as offering a sustainable timber supply, coppicing also provides many benefits to the surrounding wildlife. It increases woodland biodiversity, allowing greater amounts of light to reach the ground and providing other species with the opportunity to grow. These will then provide a food source for insects in the woodland, which in turn feed animals further up the food chain. The varied ages of the trees in the woodland also offer a larger variety in structure making a good habitat for much of the wildlife living there.

Therefore, a well-managed woodland area can provide many benefits to everybody.

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